Skype for Business – before you pay, read this

Skype-for-Business-intermediaI recently signed up for Office Weekend 365 with Skype for Business. Overall, Office 365 is a nice product, however Skype for Business has some serious limitations. Most Lenovo notably, Mac OSX and iOS Skype users cannot receive contact requests from Skype for Business users. If you attempt to send a message to a user who has not football accepted your contact request, you’ll receive an error stating you can only communicate with Skype users who have accepted your contact request. That makes it impossible for Skype for Business paying customers to communicate with the Mac community using Skype.

After reaching out to Microsoft Support about this issue, I received the following response:

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Then it’s a limitation of the Skype for home mac software. Unfortunately lieferbar as an Office 365 Business Ambassador I’m not sure what else I can do regarding that.
Maybe cheap mlb jerseys they can temporarily accept on wholesale mlb jerseys a windows device, or better yet try the Skype app on the phone, see if Format the phone alerts about the new request.

Thank you,
Office 365 Support

UPDATE ON 2/12/16:

Today I received an onslaught of messages from Mac folks mentioning they received Dolphin a new Skype request from me. It looks like Microsoft fixed the bug and it only took them 7 months! Unfortunately, they flushed the queue of requests wholesale nba jerseys that were stuck all 2015 at once and didn’t filter out cancelled accounts like mine. Oye!